17 March 2018

The Next Step

29 DECEMBER 2017;

Hi peeps.

   Im back after 2 years. Surprised? Nah, no one miss me, haha. Only god knows how much I miss to write again, even though im sucks in writings. :3

   The last post that I wrote here was when I am 15. Now? Im done with SPM. TIME FLEW SO FAST :( Most of the students are so happy that they finally could escape from high school. Me? I LOVE GOING TO SCHOOL SO MUCH. Sorry guys, I know that I am a little bit weird.

   Im done with my last paper on 27 November. It has been two days that I am free, and I am already lifeless, hahaha! Suddenly feel like 'tiada arah tuju' (my friend said this)

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   Honestly, Im scared of what going to happen after SPM. 'Will I be accepted to any university?' 'Am I going to study the course that I want?' 'Will I graduate?' 'Will I become what I want?' These scary thoughts haunt me almost everyday. I am really scared if the answer for those thoughts are 'NO'.

   Actually guys, I dont even now what is my ambition :/ I am more to math (calculation), business and I LOVE MASS COMM but my mum would really like it if I pursue my study in nursing. She said, it will be easier to find a job after I graduate.

   I dont really mind to become a nurse but I dont really like bio, chemi and physics. Im sucks in these subjects. My highest grade in these subjects is C+ (physics). I was once failed chemistry xD since I am 16, I promised myself to not apply any course that are related with science, lol.

and now, Im clueless.

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. . .

mini notes;
i saved this post as draft for almost 3 months and today, 17 March, i have the chance to publish it. well em, actually i was lazy :p I would really aprreciate it if you could tell me if there is any grammar mistake in this post. Im still learning :)